Where to find pre-filled VG cartridges and coupons E-cigarettes

If you use electronic cigarettes, you may have heard about Vapor 4 Life. This online store, based in the U.S., provides many different batteries as well as e-liquid flavors and pre-filled cartridges. But one thing that makes Vapor 4 Life unique is that it sells cartridges (also called cartomizers) that contain 100% VG liquid. This type of cartomizer is more difficult to find, and Vapor 4 Life is one of the few stores that carries them.

E-cigbargains.comAs far as batteries go, Vapor 4 Life offers small, cigalike batteries as well as larger, ego-style mod batteries. On the whole, Vapor 4 Life batteries are more pricey than other alternatives. On the other hand, their batteries have a good reputation for being well-built and long lasting. I personally like the Vapor King batteries. Note, however, that their automatic batteries require a stronger draw in order to activate the device.

Although prices tend to be high, you can definitely bring down the costs by using a Vapor 4 Life coupon, which you can obtain from http://E-cigbargains.com/. Such coupons can be utilized to get as much as 10 or 20 percent off on starter kits and batteries.

For those who do not need pre-filled VG cartomizers, Halo Cigs is another e-cigarette brand that is a good choice. What I like about the Halo brand of ecigs is the fact that their e-cigarettes are very stylish. The batteries themselves are also quite good, and have lasted me a long time on average. Despite the great quality of their products, prices are reasonable, and the company frequently offers Halo Cigs coupons that can help you save a bit of extra money.

Halo Cigs has added some new mod-style batteries in recent months. This is in addition to their Vape Pen line of products, which were previously available. If you like mods, you may want to check out some of the new models from Halo, such as Reactor, as they seem to be very well-designed.

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