How to sell your car

We all reach a point where we must sell our car and get a new one. But what is the best way to get rid of your car? There is no one right way to sell your car, and the method you choose depends on your specific circumstances. Here are some of the more popular ways to get rid of a used vehicle.

1. Sell to a junkyard
If your car no longer works, you can still sell it to a junkyard for some cash. Don’t expect much for the car, but you may still get a few hundred dollars by taking this route. A junkyard will accept cars as long as it still has some good parts, such as spare tires, bumpers, and other parts that can be sold to repair shops.

2. Donate your vehicle
You can also choose to donate your vehicle to charity. If you do this, make sure you work with a charity that allows you to get a tax credit on your charitable contribution. Wheels for Wishes is one great organization you can turn to in order to donate your car and get a tax deduction.

3. Trade in the car for a new vehicle
If your vehicle still runs, most dealerships will accept it as a trade-in. While this is a convenient, quick way to get some value out of your used car, you should be aware that you will get a lot less for your car than you could if you sold it on your own.

4. Sell the car on your own
This is by far the method that requires the most work on your part. However, you are pretty much guaranteed to get the most money by taking on the hassle of selling the car on your own. Some good places to list your used car for sale are Ebay and Craigslist. It’s important to price your car fairly if you want to get a quick sale. Make sure you visit and price your car accordingly.

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