Good, inexpensive brandy

We all know that cognac is the king of all brandies, and you can’t go wrong with whatever brand of cognac you choose. But despite the economy improving, many people still struggle and can’t afford such niceties all the time. Fortunately, if you like cognac, you can find many similar tasting brandies that might suit your needs. In particular, if you intend to use your brandy for mixing, some of the inexpensive options below may be worth taking a look at.

good, inexpensive brandyE&J XO
Traditionally, brandies have different levels of quality, labled, VS, VSOP, and XO. XO is the highest quality, and usually means it has been aged the longed. E&J’s XO brand has a good reputation and can be purchased for under $20.

Paul Masson VSOP
Paul Masson VSOP is another option you should consider, and bottles sell for around $12  at Bevmo. It has a smooth taste and can be used in mixed drinks, served neat, or on the rocks.

There are quite a few decent brandies that are affordable. The only one I would avoid would be E&J VS, which is the bottom of the barrel both in terms of quality and price.

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