Buying MP3s at a discount

music downloadIn the past I made a post about Audible, the popular audio book membership site owned by Amazon. Today, I’d like to branch out a bit and talk about my favorite subject: Music.

Every year, there are at least a couple dozen songs I can’t get out of my mind and eventually end up purchasing. Until recently, my go-to site for purchasing MP3s has been Amazon MP3. This site is superior to other download sites like iTunes, in my opinion, for one simple reason. It does not use DRM (digital rights management) for its MP3 files, which makes it a lot easier for you to simply copy the files and use them on multiple devices. This is possible for iTunes as well, but their DRM technology definitely makes it a bigger hassle.

If you ask me MP3s are still the best way to purchase music. I like owning all my songs, and MP3s seem to take up the least amount of disk space while still delivering superior audio quality. Some people may disagree with me, but the as far as I can tell, the human ear cannot distinguish between the quality of the best MP3 files and other file types. For this reason, MP3s remain my favorite file format for music.

The one downside of buying your music is that it is not exactly cheap. Most download sites charge $1.29 per song, which is way too high a price in my humble opinion. And while it’s possible to get free music files, doing such things is usually a flagrant copyright infringement. Moreover, free MP3 files are low quality, and will therefore make for an unsatisfying listening experience.

My prayers were answered recently when I found foreign MP3 download sites that sell popular song files for about $0.10 each. At first, I had quite a few doubts, but eventually, the pain of paying $1.29 per song convinced me to give a couple of these sites a try. I use a site called MP3Caprice most of the time, and they have all the recent hit songs available for download. The most recent hit I downloaded was a Could Have Been Me MP3 download.

As you will find, there are quite a few foreign MP3 sites out there. Not all of them have the best websites, and some of them don’t carry some of the more popular hit songs you may be interested in purchasing. With that said, there are a handful of sites that are excellent and from which I buy files all the time.