A Smart Alternative to Playing MMOGs

MMOGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Games) have been pretty huge since World of Warcraft came out over a decade ago. Such games were so addictive that people gladly forked over $15 a month in order to play them.

But times have changed, and fewer players today seem willing to pay the monthly subscription. As a response to this change, game makers have taken on a different approach, and today, many MMOGs can be played for free. Understand, however, that there are restrictions when you play MMOGs for free, and to get the ultimate experience, you still need to purchase a subscription in most cases.

So should you pay this fee if you find a game you like? It depends. If you want to only play a single game, then buying a subscription may make sense. But if you also like to play other games, then you can probably do better by saving your $15 and spending it on something that will give you more bang for the buck.

One good option, in my mind, is to get a Gamefly subscription with the $15 you would have otherwise spent on an MMOG. Why is this a good choice? Quite frankly, because you can play a lot more games. For $15 a month, Gamefly allows you to rent out one game at a time. However, you can exchange the game as frequently as you like, giving you the potential to play numerous games each month. Of course, if you like a certain game, you can keep it as long as you like or even purchase it at a discount. Currently, there is a 1-month Gamefly free trial coupon that you should get if you are interested in joining Gamefly.

I prefer using Gamefly as opposed to buying an MMOG subscription. If you’re like me, and find yourself easily getting bored of playing a single game, then by all means, you should give Gamefly a try.

Health supplements you should be taking

A lot of Americans take supplements, but there are millions who do not. Perhaps that is why things like vitamin deficiency is so common in our country. But the good thing is that such ailments are easily ameliorated with supplements. I’ve always advocated that people take supplements daily, regardless of their diet. In my opinion, they cannot do any harm, at will make certain that you are getting all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your body needs. But which supplements should you take?

The easiest way for most people is to find a good multivitamin. I would avoid the cheap multivitamins you find at supermarkets and pharmacies. Instead, try to find highly potent vitamins at stores like GNC and Hi-Health. Such stores stock the best brands, and the supplements they sell on the whole are well-formulated. A potential problem, however, is that buying the best supplements incurs a certain cost. A good bottle of multivitamins, for example, can cost up to $20 or more. One way to deal with this is to buy your vitamins online from discount vitamin shops like Pureformulas. In addition, you can search for coupons and promo codes online. Many websites offer coupon codes on a regular basis, which you should use on everything you buy. By doing so, you can get steep discounts on your purchase. I usually only pay about half what other people pay for a good bottle of multivitamins.

orangesAside from multivitamins, other supplements you should consider include Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, and Vitamin D. But you should come up with your own supplementation plan in accordance to your body’s needs. One thing I like to do is Google natural remedies for an ailment I’m having. For example, if I’m feeling tired a lot, I would go to the search engines and look for supplements that are known to give me a boost of energy. You can do this with just about any health challenge you are facing. This way, you can come up with your own customized supplementation plan designed for the specific needs of your body.

If you have a good doctor or nutritionist, it’s also a good idea to review your vitamin supplementation plan with such a person. They may be able to offer suggestions on dosage and caution you against any interactions that may occur between your supplements and any medication you may be taking. Of course, you can look for such information online as well, but if there is a trusted professional you can talk to, that is usually the much better option.

Dating Site Free Trials

If you’re thinking of joining a dating site, by all means I encourage you to go ahead, as online dating is one of the best and most convenient ways to meet someone in the modern age. That said, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re buying before you spend any of your own money. Because of this, I think it’s a good idea to use a free trial offer first.

There are generally two ways you can use a dating site for free. The first is to set up an account, which costs nothing at popular dating services like Match.com and Eharmony. But the problem is that a free account will only get you so far. You can create a profile, post pictures, and usually browse other people’s profiles to your heart’s content, but you really can’t make any meaningful contact with other members unless you become a member.

That’s why a better idea is to use free trial offers. Many dating services such as Match.com offer free trials that last for several days and allow you to use the site in the same way as a paying member does. The only downside is how short the free trials last. The Match.com free trial, for example, only lasts for 3 days. Some may believe this is not enough time to determine if a certain dating site is the one they want to try. Nevertheless, it’s better than nothing, and you should therefore be taking advantage of any free trial offers you can find at online dating services. You can get a current Match.com free trial by going to the dating coupon site, datingcoupons.net.

Many people join a dating site simply because it’s the one they have heard about or one that they saw a commercial for. But instead of picking a dating site in such a random fashion, I think it’s smarter to use free trials at several dating sites you are interested in. By doing this, you’ll usually notice that a certain site appeals to you more than the others. At that point, you can go ahead and purchase a membership with confidence, knowing that you’ll be using a service that you already know you’ll like.

Good, inexpensive brandy

We all know that cognac is the king of all brandies, and you can’t go wrong with whatever brand of cognac you choose. But despite the economy improving, many people still struggle and can’t afford such niceties all the time. Fortunately, if you like cognac, you can find many similar tasting brandies that might suit your needs. In particular, if you intend to use your brandy for mixing, some of the inexpensive options below may be worth taking a look at.

good, inexpensive brandyE&J XO
Traditionally, brandies have different levels of quality, labled, VS, VSOP, and XO. XO is the highest quality, and usually means it has been aged the longed. E&J’s XO brand has a good reputation and can be purchased for under $20.

Paul Masson VSOP
Paul Masson VSOP is another option you should consider, and bottles sell for around $12  at Bevmo. It has a smooth taste and can be used in mixed drinks, served neat, or on the rocks.

There are quite a few decent brandies that are affordable. The only one I would avoid would be E&J VS, which is the bottom of the barrel both in terms of quality and price.

Buying MP3s at a discount

music downloadIn the past I made a post about Audible, the popular audio book membership site owned by Amazon. Today, I’d like to branch out a bit and talk about my favorite subject: Music.

Every year, there are at least a couple dozen songs I can’t get out of my mind and eventually end up purchasing. Until recently, my go-to site for purchasing MP3s has been Amazon MP3. This site is superior to other download sites like iTunes, in my opinion, for one simple reason. It does not use DRM (digital rights management) for its MP3 files, which makes it a lot easier for you to simply copy the files and use them on multiple devices. This is possible for iTunes as well, but their DRM technology definitely makes it a bigger hassle.

If you ask me MP3s are still the best way to purchase music. I like owning all my songs, and MP3s seem to take up the least amount of disk space while still delivering superior audio quality. Some people may disagree with me, but the as far as I can tell, the human ear cannot distinguish between the quality of the best MP3 files and other file types. For this reason, MP3s remain my favorite file format for music.

The one downside of buying your music is that it is not exactly cheap. Most download sites charge $1.29 per song, which is way too high a price in my humble opinion. And while it’s possible to get free music files, doing such things is usually a flagrant copyright infringement. Moreover, free MP3 files are low quality, and will therefore make for an unsatisfying listening experience.

My prayers were answered recently when I found foreign MP3 download sites that sell popular song files for about $0.10 each. At first, I had quite a few doubts, but eventually, the pain of paying $1.29 per song convinced me to give a couple of these sites a try. I use a site called MP3Caprice most of the time, and they have all the recent hit songs available for download. The most recent hit I downloaded was a Could Have Been Me MP3 download.

As you will find, there are quite a few foreign MP3 sites out there. Not all of them have the best websites, and some of them don’t carry some of the more popular hit songs you may be interested in purchasing. With that said, there are a handful of sites that are excellent and from which I buy files all the time.

Are huge dating sites like Match better?

match.com dating site

One of the most popular activities on the Internet is online dating. It’s been around in one form or another since the beginning of the Internet. Many people these days initially meet through the Internet, and it isn’t just restricted to dating sites. There are quite a few people who meet through facebook, online gaming, or other activities.

But the fact remains, if you want to date online, the best place to go is obviously a dating site. There are plenty of them to choose from, in just about any niche you can imagine, but I always believe that joining a large dating site such as Match.com is the smartest thing to do. Why do I say this?

I have been a member of both small and large dating sites, and the simple fact of the matter is that on small sites, there is very little activity and thus a much smaller probability that you will interact and meet someone you will hit it off with. On a larger site such as Match.com, there are thousands of people within your local area. You do need to be more outgoing to be noticed, but overall, you will be communicating with people much more on a larger dating site.

Ultimately, you may need to try a few different sites to find the right fit for you. I recommend using trial offers such as the Match.com free trial, which you can get from the coupon site,  couponleaf. Such dating site free trials will give you the opportunity to get a feel for what it is like to be part of a dating site’s community. If you like what you see, you can then upgrade to a paid account. That is what I ended up doing with Match.com.

To use the same free trial I used, go to couponleaf.

Where to find pre-filled VG cartridges and coupons E-cigarettes

If you use electronic cigarettes, you may have heard about Vapor 4 Life. This online store, based in the U.S., provides many different batteries as well as e-liquid flavors and pre-filled cartridges. But one thing that makes Vapor 4 Life unique is that it sells cartridges (also called cartomizers) that contain 100% VG liquid. This type of cartomizer is more difficult to find, and Vapor 4 Life is one of the few stores that carries them.

E-cigbargains.comAs far as batteries go, Vapor 4 Life offers small, cigalike batteries as well as larger, ego-style mod batteries. On the whole, Vapor 4 Life batteries are more pricey than other alternatives. On the other hand, their batteries have a good reputation for being well-built and long lasting. I personally like the Vapor King batteries. Note, however, that their automatic batteries require a stronger draw in order to activate the device.

Although prices tend to be high, you can definitely bring down the costs by using a Vapor 4 Life coupon, which you can obtain from http://E-cigbargains.com/. Such coupons can be utilized to get as much as 10 or 20 percent off on starter kits and batteries.

For those who do not need pre-filled VG cartomizers, Halo Cigs is another e-cigarette brand that is a good choice. What I like about the Halo brand of ecigs is the fact that their e-cigarettes are very stylish. The batteries themselves are also quite good, and have lasted me a long time on average. Despite the great quality of their products, prices are reasonable, and the company frequently offers Halo Cigs coupons that can help you save a bit of extra money.

Halo Cigs has added some new mod-style batteries in recent months. This is in addition to their Vape Pen line of products, which were previously available. If you like mods, you may want to check out some of the new models from Halo, such as Reactor, as they seem to be very well-designed.